Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Birthday boy

Happy birthday Nicola's. Congratulations on turning 6. It was lovely celebrating with you.

Making Bread

Today we learnt about how you can make bread. We read the story of the Little Red Hen and then thought it would be a lovely idea to make bread. We had to learn the process of how wheat is ground into flour and then the flour is used to bake bread. It smelt so good and it was very tasty.

Ruby was the scribe and wrote up all the ingredients on the whiteboard for us. Thanks Ruby, what lovely handwriting.

Angelica was fabulous at remembering the story. Well done.


Can you give the instructions to let others know where the hidden treasure is? Where is our little treasure?

Students of the week.

Look at these clever cookies.

Rob gave a principal award to these wonderful writers.


Three Dimensional Shapes

Look at what we made. We are so clever.

Do you know what this shape is? Some of us even tried making 3D shapes at home. Well done.

Bunnings Incursion

We had a visit from Bunnings in Sunshine. We were able to plant lettuce, coriander, basil, thyme and parsley.

We even got to decorate our own pots.

It was great. Now we have to look after our plants.

Diggers Rest Farm

We saw some vegetables growing in the garden.

We had a pony ride. It was so much fun.

We had a tractor ride.

We played so really fun farm games. We loved feeding the goats and sheep.

We milked Pip the cow and she was very well behaved. We saw how milk is made into butter. We had a bikkie with some butter on it. Yum!

We separated the cream from the milk to make butter.

We loved holding the baby animals.

We loved our wonderful day at the farm.

Some of us were even scared of the chickens!!!!!!!